Pictures fall from my memories like rain. A constant torrent of visual imagery, like a reality-based game of Clue. The challenge of it all, I suppose, is to put the pieces together – to form a foundation based on past experiences, and to build the best possible future for yourself and those around you.

Backstage there is a synergy, conversations flow like honey in the summertime, in a high energy Teletubby – sensory overload kinda way. People float from place to place in apparition like grace, making the impossible seem easy, and then when the show is over and the lights go down, the last gearbox is packed – there is silence.

“I don’t believe humans were meant to do this, you are either surrounded by people and stimulus to an almost obscene level, or you are “ALONE” (said in unison)

Speaking with the artists in this environment, there was a common thread, a unity – WE ARE FAMILY.

Its been said that you can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf.

So ride baby, ride. As I lumber through the airport, dragging my baggage behind me – I realize, the baggage that we carry (figuratively and literally), can really become burdensome, almost too much to carry. However, when we work together, find ways to make our baggage lighter, everything becomes possible.

In this chaotic world, where everyone is scrapping for their own piece of the pie, it’s hard to remember to stop, and think of the problems as baggage – your own personal carry-on, and ask for help. As I travel around the country, and I reconnect with my Rock and Roll family; the one thing that unifies us is a mutual respect, a desire to support each other. Believe me, not all of the music scene is a love fest, but you need to identify your individualized support system – those that will not only help you carry the load, but those who smile and support you while doing it.

B’More United, a Baltimore based national collective of individuals looking to place bands in venues, and connect venues with band, and several charities have recently asked me to become affiliated with them, and I was glad to say YES. By working together using our available resources (media outlets, personal connections) we will combine our efforts to propel artists and causes to a larger demographic than we would have been able to alone. I continue to make additions to my ROCK and ROLL family as I travel the country with FANPASS.TV. My travels have taken me across the country where I have been able to support both local and national bands (Adelitas Way, MEGOSH, Seether, Mark Russell Project, Shallowpoint, Thousand Foot Krutch, Five Finger Death Punch, Ghost of War, Silvertung, and many more) while assisting FANPASS.TV in providing all the behind the scenes VIP access you never get to see, interviews, social network connectivity, and a multi-dimensional personalized, interactive fan experience.

Life is not about the baggage we carry; it’s who we surround ourselves with to help carry the load.

Support your music scene, GO TO A SHOW, BUY a CD, and tell them Dawn of the Underground sent you.

Til next time, follow me as I support my family, the musicians, comedians, and the fans that love them while I am out and about bringing the music and entertainment that we love into the light!


Dawn of the Underground