Listen for my interviews, and my radio show coverage celebrating – CAROLINA REBELLION 2016.

Another AMAZING festival – 3 beautuful days located near Charlotte International Speedway.

Like the story of the 3 bears one day was a lil chilly, one was hot, but overall everything was JUST RIGHT!!

The perfect weather, provided the canvas for one of the most EPIC, well-rounded festival experiences a fan could hope for. The lineup was a virtual buffet with a sampling of music that practically touched every genre (POD, 68, Thousand Foot Krutch, Enter Skiri, Anthrax, Rob Zombie, Texas Hippie Colation, Sick Puppies, Stitched Up Heart, Five Finger Death Punch, and many more). As well as bringing back classics like Alice Cooper – which was live streamed by several media outlets from the top of the Ferris Wheel – the most epic place to watch a portion of the show.

Til next time, Peace, <3, and safe travels to all the fans, and all the bands – as I travel around the country bringing what’s important to you – into the light.

SUPPORT LIVE MUSIC, play it loud real loud and tell them Dawn of the Underground sent you.



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