Dawn of the Underground Music and Entertainment Column

Another blank page, a head full of memories, ideas screaming to fall into place.

Tattered lists of notes, scattered memories, lives lived with good intention.

What to say? Who will hear? Who will care?

Are we marching toward oblivion, or is there a chance to make a difference?

I have been supporting the underdog; the meek since I can remember – not always with good results.  Why do it, its because when you see that genuine smile, feel the firm embrace of a hug that says THANK YOU – that’s why I do it.

And honestly, because someone has to.

In addition to my Carmen San Diego like adventures, my crusades to change the world – I have been supporting local, national music as well as the people and charities behind the scenes.  This effort has been expanded to include a website, social media (Instagram – dawnoftheunderground_,  Twitter – @dawnlemaydotu), a radio show, and an open door to my home & my time for those who need it.

Coming up make sure to tune into WWW.ROCKRAGERADIO.COM ,  or WWW.DAWNOFTHEUNDERGROUND.COM on Monday nights at 10pm EST for the DAWN OF THE UNDERGROUND RADIO SHOW – its’ an OPEN FORMAT show – talking about whatever needs to be talked about –  spotlighting Local and National artists, CHARITIES, RADIO TAKEOVERS (by bands and individuals) in other words it’s a GOOD TIME which is heard in over 81 countries.  Follow me, and my crews’ adventures as we travel around the world supporting the music, people and events that we love.

Food for Thought;

I don’t even remember where I heard this but, there was a group project, and as part of the project everyone was to write their name with a marker on a balloon.  Next, the balloons were randomly placed in a room, and the participants were told to retrieve their balloon within 5 minutes.  AND GO.  You can image everyone was pushing, pulling, positioning to try to find their balloon. In the end, hardly anyone had found what they were looking for.   So they were asked to do the same thing again, but this time people worked together – they yelled out the names on the balloons and within the 5 minute time period – everyone had been matched with their balloon, everyone had found what they were looking for.

Kinda like life isn’t, it feels like we are alone, struggling through this quicksand called life – the more we struggle the worse it becomes.  But by changing what we do finding another way, working with each other – our struggles aren’t so great – and maybe we can all find what we are looking for.

Til next time, I wish you all Peace, and safe travels – and to open your eyes, and become part of the solution.

Until next time, follow me as I support the musicians, comedians, entertainers, and the fans that love them while I am out and about bringing the music and entertainment that we love into the light!


Dawn of the Underground

*”Give me the beat boy to free my soul, I wanna get lost in your Rock and Roll and Drift Away”

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