K.I.S.S. Book Introduction

We have all heard these words “You should write a book”..

Ok, not all of us. Certainly those that walk to the beat of a different drum, and as time has gone by and more responsibilities have been added onto our daily existence as if its’ some sadistic game of stack the blocks, the pure idea of writing a book, becomes pushed aside.
For those that dont know me, and thats probably most of you if i am to be honest, I work in the industry as Dawn of the Underground supporting bands, brands, charities in music, film and entertainment. But is that who i really am, its one of the many masks i wear, or the plates that i attempt to keep spinning while the earth sometimes quakes under my feet.
I put off recording my Dads stories of his overly dramatic life because there just never seemed to be enough time, and then when Dad became sick, i didnt want to waste or soil the time we had left by selfishly recording his shaky voice, and record the same stories i had heard over and over again with a voice that was once full of life and a face that lit up when remembering the memories, it just didn’t seem fair, and it didn’t seem right. So this “book” is not to be a recollection of recorded memories retold by a man or me, but more of a guide book, because what he taught me was more than the words of the story it was the life that was brought to his face, the way he lived his life, and now the way I live mine. Quite simply, I am my Daddy’s daughter. My tenacity, drive, and general CAN DO attitude is because i was lucky enough to call Raymond James Sweitzer my Dad…. and to follow the K.I.S.S. Philosophy – Keep It Simple Stupid.

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