Listen, Share, and Help.. GOFUNDME for Medical Expenses


I have hit a spot in my life where I need help. I am in college, and my son has come upon an illness due from an accident. My son was in a car wreck in 2012. He broke his back in 6 places, he has a 12 inch rod placed down his spine, he broke his right leg, both feet, 6 ribs, punctured lung and had brain trauma. He has since had a lot of medical treatment and surgeries. He now has major scarring on his lungs that require the use of inhalers, medication for his breathing, and the use of a nebulizer, due from his diaphragm and lung being pushed over and offset. He will have to have surgery to correct this, along with his right foot again, that is still broken with tiny fragments of bone that is cutting his nerves in his foot and it’s keeping the tissue around the metal plate in his foot to stay inflamed. His diaphragm being offset causes him to throw his food back up consistently from his stomach acids coming up through his esophagus. He can’t get help from the state due to him already being on an insurance plan. I am currently back in college and trying to get my degree, so that I can work and come off my Social Security Disability, to be independent from a fixed income. Between helping him, going to college, and trying to cover my own costs, I cannot do it alone. I was considered to be disabled back in 2006 from an unfortunate accident. But I want to work again, so the best way for me to do that is to go back to school. I have paid out so much to keep my son from suffocating with this fluid on his lung and to keep him from losing so much weight from not being able to keep any food down, that I’ve had to let my own bills go along with me trying to get through college too. Honestly, I’m scared that he will drown to death because of the fluid that accrues in his lung without his medications. I’m at the point of tears and worry on a minute to minute basis. If I could raise enough money to pull me up out of this slump so that I can continue to help my son getting the correct treatment, and keep his Doctor appointments, I would be grateful. I do not ask for handouts but at this point, but I need it. It is horrific to watch your child suffer and not be able to help in any way, especially when it’s their life on the line. He is 25 years old and has suffered a great deal already. But, I have done everything I can do up until now. It will help with my son, my education expenses and my utilities and my son’s medicines, co pays and his future surgeries and treatment. Thank you for any donations and any shares. Bless you all.

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