MONDAY NIGHTS 10PM Eastern Standard Time, Dawn Lemay “Me” will be discussing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in an OPEN FORMAT, non-genre specific radio program.

I have been working, in, around, and supporting the music industry for years – from creating and organizing benefits to logistical support behind the scenes at music festivals around the country. This radio opportunity allows me to give those who don’t have a voice, or cant speak loudly enough for themselves – a chance to be heard.

Thank you for making DAWN OF THE UNDERGROUND RADIO, a success!

ROCK RAGE RADIO is heard in over 81 countries, 30 states, and is reaching over 600,000 people per month and rapidly growing.

If you would like to be a part of the RESISTANCE (supporters of DOTU Radio), contact me directly at [email protected]

Basic Structure of the Show is;

INTRO Theme Music – written by Howard Moody

An Oldie but a goodie – (Queen, 70s’, 80s’, whatever)

Interview talking about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.  Supporting Charities (Horns Up Against Cancer, FUCK CANCER, Chelseas’ Hope), Talking Points (if its important to you, its important to me – REVOLUTION (Adam Armstrong “REBEL INC”), Vegan Outreach (Steven Berez – Venrez), Entertainment Icons (Emmy Award winning songwriter – Martin Olson “Phineus and Ferb, Adventure Time”), and RADIO TAKEOVERs.

Music specific to the topic, or selected by the person(s) taking over the station (love letters “FU” to the music industry, REBEL INC, Venrez band etc.)

Voice Recorded RADIO TAGS (“You’re listening to Dawn of the Underground… ” recorded by people around the world)

Contact Information for your charity, your topic, and my contact information.

And then Theme Music, Goodnight.

Peas, <3, and Safe Travels my friends.

Listen to the music you love, LOUD, REAL LOUD and tell them Dawn of the Underground sent ya.

Dawn of the Underground


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