NAMMESTE – NAMM 2018 Anaheim, California

NAMMESTE indeed.

Surrounded by music, the last time I felt this completely enveloped in MUSIC was (SXSW) South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. Everywhere you turn down isles and isles and seemingly endless flight of stair you were surrounded by MUSIC, and those who LOVE it. I was thoroughly entertained and educated by my immersion in this world of sound.

Now, don’t get me wrong.. it wasn’t like a ” high school band practice.. Well I guess earplugs would have been a great idea for the percussion department. Thankfully I had some. Everything that is needed to create a PERFECT show was on display, from lighting, fog machines, cabling, and of course musical instruments for students and ROCKSTARS. Anyone who knows me, knows that I play with ROCKSTARS for a living, and this was like a FAMILY REUNION. So many entertainers and celebrities walked amongst the crowd, sometimes seemingly unnoticed.. Journalists, production, and performers all gathered in one place because of their LOVE of MUSIC.

NAMM did not disappoint, this was my first time but certainly will not be my last.

MUSIC is LIFE, thank you. NAMMESTE!
Dawn of the Underground

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