Pokemon Go – UNITY, fitness, and social interaction – YEZ!

In one short period of time, POKEMON GO has surpassed porn in popularity on the internet – bringing together people in unity, friendly competition, and it made us go … (dare we say it) OUTSIDE.

YOU have to move, walk, go places!!
Last night I went out to a town square, because HELLO – multiple POKEY STOPS!.. And (wait for it) it was nice.. I actually walked for hours searching for non existent creatures that somehow stretched the veil between the imaginary and the real world. And for one brief moment, I felt hope. Scores of people, all ages, all colors, all kinds talking, having coffee, comparing and sharing.
POKEMON GO is a very simply played game (adults and children could play together), you throw balls at creatures (to collect them), and just like the 80s/90s cartoon said you’ve “Gotta Catch them ALL”, and so you try.
You go places, hoping to catch a creature you dont already have or multiples of ones you do (to be able to EVOLVE them) Anyho. Highlight of my night! Was… Wait for it.. A young girl said “if you are looking for Pikachu, he is right over there”, and like a little school girl I rushed down the street to capture my prize!!

I am just happy to see, so many people, out of their houses, planning day trips, pokey parties.
If anyone has any POKEMON stories, promoting a charity event, or would like to do a RADIO TAKEOVER, message me at [email protected], let see what we can do!

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