The best of the best, the cream of the crop, industry leaders from Radio and Record companies from around the world – all in one place, where else LAS VEGAS.

The teamwork required to accomplish just one portion of this event, is off the scale – even for seasoned professionals.

Multiple concerts, at multiple venues.  Listening parties hosted by the bands themselves – Papa Roach and Incubus with video and audio in a circus tent environment (monkeys included).  Performances by Shallow Side, Righteous Vendetta, All that Remains, and special guest appearance of Jason Hook from Five Finger Death Punch.  An interactive interview with Alterbridge, and the accompanying meet and greets with each band following their events.  Add to those events – networking and educational conferences, brunches, and a star-studded award ceremony hosted by 4 time “Best DJ” Lou Brutus.  The proverbial red carpet was only outdone by the beautifully sculpted, one of a kind RADIOCONTRABAND awards.   Everyone, and I mean everyone was truly overjoyed for each others accomplishment.  Winners acknowledged not only their own, but each others successes – noting that several had been in the industry for over 20 years loving every minute of it.  Even the proverbial newcomers in the business were welcomed with open arms.  The days turned into sleepless nights, finally it was the last day.  I think everyone was excited for the awards ceremony but sad that “our” time together was coming to an end.  After the last awards were given away,  the night continued as several friends, and I were whisked away in an apparent tradition – an outing to In and Out Burger.

The End, or is it just the beginning.

Long live Rock and Roll, and all of the amazing people behind the scenes that make the MAGIC happen. I love you, all.

ROCK, RADIO,  this crazy world of entertainers, and the people that love & support them are ALIVE and Well.

They are #FAMILY.

Peace, Love, and Safe Travels until we meet again,

Dawn of the Underground

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