Thompson Square Interview – “I guess we are one of the lucky ones”


International Country Power Duo, Thompson Square have been topping the charts with songs “Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not”, “If I Didn’t Have You”, and “Everything I Shouldn’t Be Thinking About”. Three #1 hits (in three countries – United States, Canada, and Australia), Five (5) top 15 hits, Seven (7) mainstream industry awards, (including ACM and CMA “Vocal Duo of the Year”). Thompson Square – the married power couple, show no signs of slowing down.

I had the opportunity to speak with Keifer Thompson of Thompson Square, and was impressed with his straight forward, no–holds barred, honest, entertaining conversation, and good old-fashioned country wit.

The country powerhouse, “Keifer and Shawna Thompson” met at a singing competition, “back in 1996 we were in Nashville, TN., we had both moved to Nashville the same week and there was this lil competition, at the time it was about one of the only places you could go as a newcomer to Nashville to meet, and play in front of a live audience.”   “I actually saw her when I walked in, walked right up to her, and there was something really interesting about her – walked up to her and began hitting on her immediately. We started dating pretty quickly after that, and we’ve been together ever since.” Sparks flew instantly, “there was definitely romance before the music, we dated for three years, she and I were both doing music on our own in our individual projects and then after dating for three years we decided to get married, still doing our individual things, and then we just decided the most important thing was for us to be together, we formed Thompson Square, and that’s about the time that things started happening.” Asked if it’s difficult being on the road together, as a couple “Well you know it’s difficult at times, you never can get off to yourself… sometimes you’re able to, I will goto the gym every morning… I can find time to separate us, but for the most part we don’t wanna be, its kinda weird, we’ve been married for ten (10) years and its still really good – we’re still having a blast together, we laugh together – its just fun, I cant really explain why this works and some of the other marriages don’t. I guess we are very fortunate; we are one of the lucky ones – that just found the exact right person, and we’re supposed to be together. Its weird, its weird we are together literally all the time and still like it”.

Asked if he has any problem being compared to country greats like “Johnny” Cash and “June” Carter, or “George” Jones and “Tammy” Wynette. “Problem with that?

I’ll take that anyday! We understand a bit of what they go through, especially Johnny and June – we kinda see a little of ourselves in their relationship”. “I’m very proud to be a part of that little group of married couple duos of the past”.

Any taboo subjects or subject that they wont have songs about because they are married? He comically replied, “ Not necessarily… not screwing around, we’re probably not going to sing about Alien abduction. I’m just being silly…not really there’s not a whole lot of stuff we wouldn’t do, unless it doesn’t make sense whatsoever for us.”

With so much time on the road, I wondered, “What do you do for fun?”

“We like being normal, we love going to dinner, going to the movies, getting out on the motorcycles – which now that she’s pregnant we cant do that. We just like doing normal stuff, staying home is fun, seeing friends is fun”

Expect them to be taking time off Nov 1st til probably around April as they wind down as they expect their newest addition (baby) Jan 26th. “Whatever we end up having it is definitely going to have time some time with us alone., that’s definitely one great thing about our job, it allows us to be all together while we are raising this child, gonna be with us all the time on the road, abroad, and everything else”.   “Its gonna be different for us, its something we’ve been kinda missing in our marriage, and we are just super excited about having a kid”.

Once they return to the road with baby in tow – don’t expect them to be grasping to be a part of the next MEGA COUNTRY tour, instead when asked about their dream tour, it was not the normal response I hear. Most bands when asked about their dream tour, almost act like they are reaching into a magical hat, pulling out names of big touring acts, but not Thompson Square. Thompson Squares’ eventual dream is to have there own tour… “We’ve been on some huge tours, and the self tours that we’ve done these last couple of years has been amazing” – so growing that is our future goal.

Thompson Square has a successful balanced marriage, musical career, and family, and I am personally looking forward to seeing their dream tour, hearing new material, and watching them shine.

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I wish you a world of success, and prosperity my new friends – Thompson Square.

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