VOODOO FROM LULLWATER ROCKS! Written by Tiffini Taylor

When thinking of Athens, Georgia, you think of REM and B52s, well you are in for a big
surprise. There is a rock band that has been bringing back a grunge garage sound that has been
around for a little over a decade named Lullwater. They had released a single title ‘Release’
which is a cover of the Pearl Jam song. They are one of the best bands in the south. They went
to New Orleans, LA to record their newest album Voodoo. It also seems as though the band has
scored to be on the road right now with the hottest tours around. Sevendust, Tremonti,
Lullwater, and Kira have taken the music world on the road with all rock n roll on their minds.
The tours first stop was in Houston, TX and a little band called Blacktop Mojo showed up to
show their support. In fact, got up on stage and played with Lullwater. Let’s face it, bands like
Blacktop Mojo, Joyous Wolf, and Lullwater are bringing back good old rock ‘n’ roll and it is
needed in this present day. Voodoo brings a good feeling to anyone that listens. The fans of
Lullwater will not be disappointed and there will be new fans made.
The track “Dark Divided” has a gritty southern rock style that makes you want more and more.
The vocals are hard with a softness, the guitar is front and center on this song to show how to
play a guitar. There is a guitar solo that will tear your heart out. This guitarist is the best since
John5 and Steve Vai. Lullwater consists of vocals and rhythm guitars John Strickland, vocals
and drummer Joseph Wilson, bassist and vocals Roy ‘Ray’ Beatty, and guitarist Daniel Binnie.
Another notable song is titled “Yellow Bird” and it is not big bird. This song has a melodic
beginning and it will make you dance. Beautiful lyrics which tells a story that will make you cry.
This song is from the heart and will be on your mind well after you hear it. The guitars and
drums work very good with the vocals. It is very good in a dream like kind of way. Towards the
end of the song is harder vocals that has the most feeling. One listen and you will know that this
is something special.
The last track titled ‘Suffer Not’ is the end to what is a fantastic album. A slow beginning with
beautiful guitar and drum beat. This is a slower melody with a softer vocal that makes your skin
crawl. The harshness that comes in with guitars and then slows with a violin playing adds to this
dreamlike state of a voice. The addition of strings to this song is composing perfection. The hard-
thriving guitar that comes in here and there throughout matches the changing vocals from
softness to hardness beautifully. The guitar solo is incredible. It is clean and it is just what any
guitarist strives to become, This song comes with a strong ending to a masterpiece of an album.

Lullwater is a band that continues to develop music which is rock, and grunge rolled into one.
Voodoo is their best album to date. The entire album is composed, engineered and mastered to
perfection. This Athens band is here to stay for a longer time than just the past ten years. If you
want rock ‘n’ roll with a grunge heart, look no further. Voodoo is a must have album for any
music fan. It is one for any playlist, also great for road trips. The band is a fantastic live band too.
Check their live show out too, you will not be disappointed.

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